Monday, December 20, 2010

The Rubber Tutu

Have you ever been in a space egg before or worn a rubber tutu before?
I don't even like sci-fi movies, but I think I was in one today!

Here's what happened at the Hypoxi Treatment center today:

As I arrived, I was greeted by name and the lovely ladies (Mel and Jean) made me feel so welcome! I met my therapist, Sheila, who by the way is a qualified physiotherapist.
I was given a health disclaimer to fill out as well as a physical assessment, which included a body stats analysis and specific body measurements. Sheila made her 'diagnosis' and allocated me to a program specific for my goals and areas of development... do these ever go away?

According to the assessment I'm 'perfect' for the average person... HA! But we know, dear friends, that our aim is not to be normal, it is to be exceptional and the best that we can be!

The fun part, bring on the rubber tutu!:
After Sheila explained and showed me diagrams of how the treatment works and what to expect, she placed a heart rate monitor around my chest and took out, what seemed to me, like a giant rubber tutu!
This was such a cute moment! Me pointing my hands into the opening, as if I'm diving into a giant giggle creating hoop and Sheila trying to fit this bigger than life tutu around my waist... she did an expert job, though! This was definitely an ice breaking party trick to remember!

Introduction of the 'space egg'!:
As my hips, thighs and bum areas are my stubbornly voluptuous side, I was shown to the Hypoxi S120 machine, as this machine will be more effective for the extra fleshies on the derrière.
I climb in and put my feet on the peddles of the upright bike on the inside of it. Sheila then clipped me in and closed the 'space egg' around me, she explained that my heart rate and the RPM should stay between certain numbers. And so I started a low intensity cardio session, 30 minutes of cycling.

The science project; Heat, Vacuum, Compression:
While cycling, I experienced a slight warming of the machine which was not uncomfortable at all. After the warm up of 4 minutes a very interesting sucking or vacuuming action started to happen for about 20 to 25 seconds. The rubber tutu was pulling down and tight around my waist, almost like when you wring out a wet towel, still this was not uncomfortable.
After the vacuuming stopped, the compression started and the rubber tutu blew up around me like when you jump into the swimming pool with your dress on! So amazingly funny! Also for around 20-25 secs.
This sequence of vacuuming and compression repeated itself for the remainder of the time inside the space egg.

I worked up a light sweat and couldn't help but think that this is any cardio queen's dream. The intensity is low enough that you can read your fave glossy or even catch the latest episode of Gossip Girl on the big screens of the center.

I must say, I'm pleasantly surprised by the following:
  • All the therapists at the Hypoxi treatment centre are either qualified physiotherapists, nurses or pharmacists.
  • This treatment program focuses on a naturally healthy and balanced nutrition plan, which means that their and GloryGirl's principles are very similar. Me like!
  • This is definitely NOT a QUICK FIX, as you have to invest time, money and sweat to make this work.
  • If you do not follow the Hypoxi Rules, then a successful outcome can't be guaranteed. (I will post on this later on). AND I LOVE THIS! Because even if someone is looking for a quick fix, by following the rules, they will actually be educated on how to make nutrition and exercise a priority for life and a life style change.
  • I loved the alien sense of the vacuuming/compressing rubber tutu.
Maybe I'll watch a Star Wars movie now!...hehe

Please don't forget to tell me what your goals are, as I still believe that everyBody needs a someBody!


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