Sunday, June 27, 2010

What Happens Backstage?

It’s 11pm and hubby and I are making our way back to Dubai after watching the spectacular-spectacular Lord of the Dance in Abu Dhabi. I’m wiping the sweat from my forehead as the passionate beads of intensity collected on my skin during this exhibition of diamond cut precision, talent and workmanship.

How easy is it to admire these dancers for this inspiring show they bring to the stage, for us less limber folk to enjoy? Dreamlike and colorful costumes, blazing lights that creates an atmosphere of twinkling magic, the thunderous music that abduct your own heart beat to drum in synch with the swarms of professionally trained butterfly feet so perfect in tune that it absolutely takes your breath away!

When I witness events like these, where talented dancers, creative performers and athletes of all disciplines makes a specialized skill look so easy, I can’t help but think of all the hours, days, weeks, months and years it took to hone and explore their potential in their specific skill.
Like Malcolm Gladwell mentions in his book, Outliers, to become a master of a skill and an expert in your field , you would’ve had to spend a 10 000 dedicated hours in your area of interest.
So if we take this example of a few Irish dancers in a small little show called Lord of the Dance, which lasts about 90 minutes, it really hits you hard to think that they had to invest such a vast part of their lives to taste the glory of those few precious moments when they receive the standing ovation and the encores of the crowds...

Take the cheekiest athlete which also happens to be the fastest on this planet, Usain Bolt. He had the world at his feet in a minuscule time of 9,58 seconds. He is an instant hero and he gains more fans than Madonna (well, she’s actually another great success story too) in that moment. This question I have, where were the millions of fans when he, the Irish dancers and all the other heroes alike woke up on a cold and rainy winters morning to work at, work at and work at their talents, gifts and areas of development?

The temptation to play the “wish game” (oh, I wish I could do that, be like her, live his life, etc.) when we witness the success of our larger than live heroes are very real, but it’s easy to forget the tens of thousands of hours that went into training and preparation that got them on that pedestal, the spotlight and our vote of confidence. Please understand, I know that it’s not about the acknowledgement of other people, but I know that every individual has the deep desire to live a significant life, a life that matters and a life that rocks!
Most of us want the success, but not everybody wants to make the sacrifices and put in the disciplined habits to get to their dreams and wishes…

You hear me…you hear my heart?

Let’s have a look at our OWN back stage. What are we doing to live a significant life? I’m not talking about our faith, which IS the foundation of our whole being here at this present moment. What I’m saying is, what actions are we taking, what habits are we building to get to our life’s purpose? Are we using (use is a verb…no way!) the talents that we’ve been blessed with, in order to live fulfilled lives which in return runs over into the lives of those around us, creating a positive ripple effect in our families and communities?

Be encouraged that it IS possible to dance on your own life stage and to bask in the light and glory of the standing ovation and cheers of your own self esteem and your loved ones. This is the moment to take action to start your first, 500th or 9 999th hour of preparation towards that moment of successful results that you’ve been wishing for so long now!

Let me know how you’re doing, I want to cheer you on in this journey…because Everybody needs Somebody.