Sunday, December 19, 2010

How to Gain Fat Fast!

True to my nature I'm embarking on a new journey and making myself quite vulnerable in bringing you the real deal of what goes on in the world of women, body image and being Nadine...;)

A month has passed since competing in my last bikini competition in Las Vegas, the Fitness America Pageant on the 19th of November...and a lot has happened since then!

Brace yourself for something that sounds like excuses..hehe..
  • We spent a week in pre-Thanks Giving USA and I'm always so curious about the yummies there!
  • We've moved house. No moving company or rental service. Only Riel and myself...
  • I was sick for a week after, I reckon, my immune system crashed a bit.
  • I kicked off my GloryGirl program.
  • We started pre-publication for ExtraFit Magazine, sourcing sponsors and advertising.
  • I'm sick again.
But there is good news!

The lovely Allison Pickford of Body Smart Lifestyle Management invited ExtraFit Magazine to do a review of their Hypoxi Therapy in the launch issue of the Mag in Feb 2011!
So - the enterprising lady that I am - thought I'll volunteer for the Hypoxi therapy sessions and let my fellow sisters know what exactly is this 'quick fix' that we've been so curious about for such a long time...

In preparation to make it worth your entertainment, I took the last two weeks to gain about 4 kg's (8.8lbs) and here is how I did it:
  • Drinking less than 2 liters of water a day.
  • Eat only 3 meals a day (or less).
  • Not planning my meals.
  • Eating starchy carbs at night.
  • Eating whatever I felt like, whenever I wanted. (Read; no processed foods, I'm talking peanut butter and honey by the bucket loads)
  • Training only 3 times a week without purpose or focus.
  • Snacking on choccies when the 'mood' strikes. (Only good quality...Swiss or Belgium)
  • Not having a clear goal.
  • Making excuses of being too busy to make my health a priority...
  • and so the list goes on!
I can't believe that people are CHOOSING to live this way!

So, here's the deal; For the next 6 weeks I'm going to combine my GloryGirl coaching strategies, Cathy Savage Fitness' nutrition and training (my coach and mentor) with the Hypoxi Therapy and BLOG about the good, bad and ugly for you to see that there IS HOPE towards your best body in 2011!

And my goal? Why of course a glamorous GloryGirl Photo Shoot with the uber talented Celeste van Rooyen.

Can't wait to further embarrass myself.... so stay tuned to a GloryGirl success story!



  1. You look so much better with the added weight. You look truly powerful and so natural; half as toned and probably 3 times as strong (you have the physical strength, mental strength and the confidence to display such a beautiful body without hair highlights, body bronze, luxury lingerie, professional lighting, a stage and/or the approval of every one of your peers).
    I applaud THIS body on you.

  2. I tried lot, but their is no increase in weight pls give the correct idea, How to become fat?...

  3. I am 25 years old, i eat more but their is no increase in weight pls give some tips How to become fat fast before my marriage?