Saturday, December 18, 2010

2010: An unexpected year of adventure and success!

I've been writing so much in my head over the last few months and have been itching to put finger to keyboard! So here I go!

Riel (my husband) and myself did a bit of a reflexion session at our weekly coffee night this week about this year and we were surprised at everything we managed to accomplish.

Grace, grace, grace echoes through my mind and spirit as I remember all the highlights of this year! God's favor is without equivalent and when you pair that with setting powerful goals and creating a plan of how to get there as well as the right people to guide and support you, you just HAVE to be successful!

My year in short:

  • I ended a 6 1/2 year journey with Emirates airlines as a flight attendant!
  • Became a published fitness writer and fitness model for Physique Magazine
  • Started my passion, GloryGirl Fitness where, as a life coach and personal trainer, I coach the most amazing athletes through a life style and body transformation.
  • Invested in an exciting new brand and publication, ExtraFit Magazine. To be launched in Feb 2011!
  • New York and the Arnold Classic in Columbus Ohio with my wonderful husband!
  • Thailand with my lovely sister.
  • Toronto to meet my coaches and support structure, Cathy Savage Fitness to whom I owe all my success in the competitions that I've done.
  • Las Vegas, Grand Canyon and Los Angeles, again with my One.
  • Still happily married to most beautiful man and heart alive!
  • Experience my first ever fitness competition, Ms Fitness South Africa, one of the best in SA and achieved my goal of placing under the top 10! I came 4th against girls 10 years younger than myself!! Love it!
  • Won the Fame South Africa overall title and the professional fitness model category.
  • Placed 2nd at the Fame World Championships in the professional swimsuit model category in Las Vegas.
  • Competed in the fabulous Fitness America Pageant and although I experienced a bit of a burn out (4 comps in 3 months) it was such an enriching experience!

Ladies, I challenge you to WRITE down all the amazing things that you've experienced this year! It really takes that anxious feeling of "the time just flies" down to a grateful prayer!


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