Thursday, August 19, 2010

Being Shero

I'm inspired!

Lori Harder
I'm blessed to call Lori Harder a friend... my shero!

Always have been, but now I'm inspired to the point where I want to be an inspiration to others.

I want to be a shero..

I want to be on the other side of that glass window, that glass box that we seal so tightly around ourselves and declare:

"Okay, this is who I am now, my comfy place and I'm going to to try to be happy with just being normal. A carbon copy of all the women in all the neighborhoods of the world. I'm okay with all the talents, dreams and goals I've buried and mourned over, because someone else is all ready successful in the field where I had some potential in.... and quite frankly, I just don't have the energy to shine.."


I know I'm not alone in my experience in this mediocre glass-box-living. I got tired of wishing, looking and admiring other ladies being great at what they're great at. I got tired of the desperate disappointment I experienced every time an old year ended swiftly, yet another year where I didn't make the effort to discover and develop my God given talents and potential that wrestles in my being to be explored! Wrestling weaker and weaker as the grain of sand falls upon the head of it's friend...

I know you hear me...come on!

It's time for a new generation of SHEROES to come forth!! Women who explores the passion for a special cause that's rooted in their hearts by the One who created them. Women who reflects their Father's glory and who glorifies Him in their bodies and their spirits as is mentioned in 1 Cor 6:20, because we were bought with a price!

Autobiography time: I'll try to make it quick!

I have forever (20 years count as forever, true?) been gazing and devouring every single Fitness magazine that I could afford, "borrow" (never gave them back, sorry!) or page through at a book shop. Admiring the fit and beautiful looking woman on the covers hoping that someday I might also be the picture of vitality, energy and strength!

I never knew something like fitness modelling existed until I found Oxygen Magazine almost 10 years ago in South Africa of all places!! My heart locked into place. This is me. This is who I want to be!

It lead me onto a path of endless self study, trial and error with a multitude of different training and nutrition programs, fitness books and coaches. I eventually got certified as a personal trainer with a keen interest on the nutritional side of things. As a flight attendant it was always a battle to stay fit in between the jet lag and access to unlimited delicious and exotic food from all over the world. So I always had an excuse for never really getting to that next level, where the physique athletes roam about.

At the end of 2009 my searching lead me to the warm, open arms of Cathy Savage and her team
of awe inspiring coaches and staff. I've been blown away by their generosity of spirit and 100% support and devotion to what my goals are...


I've never been more inspired to break through that glass and be my best at last!

I have got my goal set on being a published fitness model and paving the way open in Dubai and the Middle East for real women to be published in the sport and fitness publications of the ME region. The sheroes who live full lives with families and careers while making their health and fitness a priority.

Another goal (and I'm almost there) is starting up my woman's wellness company, GloryGirl Fitness, where my philosophy is: everyBody needs someBody. Through a process of life coaching, personal training and nutritional counseling I'll guide my clients to explore there infinite potential in all aspects of their lives!

I can do it. I am shero. I'm waiting for you... step up and join the shero-clan...;)

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