Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What is your Value? Part 1

Part 1:
Let me rephrase the question: What do you think you are worth?

Think about it...

After a few uncomfortable seconds the first answer that shoots from the mouth is; I'm pretty much valuable, thank you!
Good answer, your personal PR skills are excellent and you've been taught well by all the self help literature out there.

Now I say to you; Prove it.

What proof can you give yourself right now that you are worthy of every good and beautiful thing in this life?

Is it being in a relationship (my single friends) that you know is not healthy, breaking you down both emotionally and spiritually. Doing things that you don't want to do and which you know is not right, but you're afraid of losing the person who "loves" you if you don't. Anything is better than being alone, right?

You're worth far more.

Is it getting involved with something at work or in your personal life, even just a little indiscretion on your part - a white lie, gossip behind someones back, a moment of silence where approval was craved by a dry soul - that could risk breaking down your self respect and integrity down the line. Whatever, sticks and stones, right?

You're worth far more.

Is it the continuous negative thoughts that you had this morning in front of the mirror, on your way out, that went something like this; Oh I hate my arms, my big fat stomach, my double chin, my dimply bottom, my unbalanced face etc. I wish I looked like that guy or girl in so and so magazine. If I could have the perfect body, I would be so much happier, right?

You are worth far more.

Is it the unhealthy junk food, cigarette smoke and alcohol which you put into you body, day after day, weekend after weekend, polluting and destroying the most perfect and magnificent being God created. Cutting your years short and securing yourself a future of pain and suffering. Oh seize the day! Life is too short, I can always start fresh tomorrow, right?

You are worth far more.

Is it the grudges, bitterness and unforgiveness that you keep and lodge in your heart towards people who did you wrong. People who hurt you, took your innocence, who betrayed your trust and confidence. It still gives you sleepless nights, makes you want to prove yourself, makes you a 'loner' or an intense competitor. No one can touch me now, they can't hurt me anymore, right?

You are worth far more.

I can go on and on with this list of things that we do in our lives to disprove that we say we are valuable, but I actually have a true story to share... something that happened to me a while ago...

To be continued...

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