Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Get high with me!!

Everybody needs a real great feel-good-moment every now and again.

So we all have a favorite song, movie, television program, magazine or just a pretty perfect place to go (some people just have to look into the mirror, ha-ha!) , anything to feel the warmth those little endorphine bubbles blanket through our veins. The ladies will know exactly what I'm talking about here, right?

Guess what, I've found my endorphine growing jungle too!!
It's the most powerful drug that I've found on the planet so far and it's called the BEFORE picture.... da, da, daaaaaaa!!! (The sound they play in a scary movie, just before the revelation of the big s-c-a-r-y shark, monster or whatever.)

Now for a before picture to be a before picture, there has to be an after picture to equal out this chemistry equation of letting loose those wild endorphin 'thangs'. And it is when you put the two together that the lights goes into strobe mode and you want to really let your hair down and share this high with everyone around you!!

That is how my pair of pictures makes me feel! I want to share this 'drug' (this is a metaphor for any police person reading my 'get high' blog...;)) with everybody around me, because I've tasted the dream AND the reality of finding the perfect balance of this for every action there's a reaction - science stuff! Oh, and I know if someone (you and me included) really, badly wants to achieve their goal, they will give everything they can to make that possible and the results will follow!
Then after the choir in the heavens has ended their Hallelujahs, you will bask in the afterglow of achievement and nothing will stop you of going higher and higher!

Back to my before and after picture!

You can see for yourself now, that I did not always look fit and healthy. I had my fat and flabby moments too and I felt pretty low at times, but man does it feel great to look at this now:

The question is... Do you want to get high with me?

1 comment:

  1. wow! kan nie glo dis jy in die BEFORE nie!
    well done superwoman! jy is 'n incredible inspirasie!xx