Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Ghost Dream

How do you eat an elephant?...

... You start by taking one bite at a time.

A cliche, I know, but it fits so snuggly into this part where it's so hard to find the right amount, weight and quality of words. This part of defining a dream, your dream, the big, crazy, sparkly dream that scares even the chocolate cravings that you had just before bed time right out of your mind!

THAT dream, the one which you choose to ignore, the dream that haunts you every time you celebrate a new year and when you think of it or witness someone enjoying your dream, you experience a twinge of sadness and regret.
THAT dream that catches a glimmer of light and a touch of hope when you watch a great movie that stirs your heart or when you read an inspirational article or email of someone who DID it, who reached and enjoy the part where they achieved. Then when you walk out of the cinema or press delete on the keyboard you just pack it back underneath the cobwebs of "normal" and "important" stuff of life, go on with your everyday walk and try to avoid the hurt that goes along with this unfulfilled ghost of a dream...

To come back to the elephant on the page..

I don't want to have a ghost dream anymore. I want my dream to have life and I want to live in my dream that's not a dream anymore, but my reality, my now, my present and ever growing future.

How do I... How do we start?

By taking one bite, one step at a time.

For the coming days, weeks and months I'm risking my heart and my social credibility to step out on this quest to explore, reach for and achieve my dream. Allow me (and forgive me) to be dead honest and make myself vulnerable about what goes on in my mind, body and heart (spirit) about what goes into the process of making my dream my reality.
I hope and believe that by spending time researching, pondering and wondering I will be able to eventually define my dream for you.

Do you have a ghost dream? Where will you start?

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